A Cuban who saved the Swiss watch industry

Gedalio Grinberg, founder of the Movado Group, was born in Cuba in September 1931 and his father was a local jeweler. When he was 15 years old began to get involved in watch business, and soon set up their own watch shop, starting from the low-end brand, you can sell 30-40 per month watch products. Soon, Zunhuang brand of Cuban agent to take the initiative to contact him, I hope he consignment part of the statue of King. In the emperor on the further accumulation of capital and reputation. Cuba's largest watchmaker then soon recruited Grinberg as a successor. The watch is the second largest agent for the Omega brand in South America, and Grinberg has also started direct communication with Omega's then sales director, Adolph Vallet, and learned a lot from Omega's management experience. Movado boss and wife are young Adolph Vallet came to Cuba in 1956 to make a very in-depth communication with Grinberg, where Vallet mentioned the name of a Swiss brand - the count, which left a deep impression on Grinberg, The real fortune buried the seeds. Vallet said that the Earl's current (mid-1950s) was only a small factory in La Corte, but only for the Omega and the foundry, but the count's boss was very aggressive, In the ultra-thin movement on a certain basis, the future if the operation is promising to rise for a new top brand. Vallet suggested Grinberg to talk with uk replica watches the count, becoming the only agent in South America. However, the 1959 New Year's Day Castro and Che Guevara led the people to successfully overthrow the rule of the old regime, Cuba's history opened a new page, this cooperation with the count was forced to start interrupted. Cuban Revolutionary Comics Grinberg was secretly interrogated by law enforcement agencies of the new regime for eight hours in a row and threatened by life, and then determined to flee the United States. On August 16, 1960, the Grinberg family came to the United States, during which all the joints were almost exhausted all the wealth accumulated under the watch business. In Miami he has tried a lot of work and small business, but has not made any progress in meat products, used cars and so on. Until March 1961, the count's sales director contacted him, hoping he went to New York to start the count's North American agency business. Grinberg and two Cuban immigrant friends went to New York, with a suitcase on behalf of the Earl watch and a rented office to create his own count North America distributor career. 50 - 60's count of the watch At that time the count has just begun to self-tabulation, brand awareness is not high, and the average price of more than 1,000 US dollars, so business is not easy to carry out. Moreover, the early 1960s, the US economy has just started, then the oil tycoon Rockefeller himself is only wearing about 20 US dollars when the days of the United States (Timex) only, people in high-end consumer goods investment is not as enthusiastic now, when Patek Philippe throughout the year New York can only sell more than 20 pieces of the replica watches uk . Grinberg was right to take two strategies, one is to successfully persuade the top life magazine "New Yorker" released the count of advertising, the second is to persuade the top jewelry retailer Van Cleef & Arpels to sell the count of watch products. "Everyone told me that the count was the most expensive watch in the world." The count was so gradually opened in North America, and with the postwar economic Steady rise and the first generation of baby boomers born people gradually to the community, the count in North America and the world have achieved great success, the US sales of five years from 160,000 US dollars to 6 million US dollars, and gradually among the top watch brand Of the column. Concord antique watch dismantling Grinberg through the agent count and later Kunlun accumulated great wealth, but also successfully changed the American consumer attitudes to the watch, of course, has become a well-deserved watch giant in the United States. Quartz crisis hit, he keen to capture the cyclical opportunities in the market, looking for several brink of bankruptcy Swiss watch brand, and to help it through the storm. In 1969, had tried to buy Movado Tuo did not talk into. In 1970 the acquisition of the Swiss watch factory Concord. Delirium He successfully led the development of ultra-thin quartz watch Delirium in 1979, becoming the forerunner of the Swiss watch from the pressure of the Japanese giants. This Delirium watch is only 1.98 mm thick, the movement and the overall manufacturing comes from the famous ETA company. In Europe, this Delirium to Longines, Eterna (Eterna) brand for sale, and in the United States is known as Grinberg's brand Concord. The development of this product, but also for the ETA company later developed the famous Swatch laid a solid foundation. Ernst Thomke, former president of ETA, said that Grinberg made a significant contribution to the transformation of the Swiss watch industry to the new quartz technology, not only for the ETA's quartz movement developed into 2 million Swiss francs, but also in person North American market under the accumulation of marketing experience to participate in the Delirium rolex replica watches product design. Of course, because Delirium design is so thin, so that some technical problems can not be a perfect solution, so the business is not successful, but this watch will undoubtedly promote the Swiss watch industry's overall awakening, but also to Concord brand in North America The market is not a small name. Movado Bold watch money Time flies, 1983 Grinberg finally completed his own wish, the successful acquisition of Movado Tuo and threw himself into the product repositioning and management adjustment above. Four years later, Movado's sales grew from $ 4 million to $ 50 million, making it the most influential entry for the late 80s. Grinberg then formed the Movado Group, including the acquisition of Movado, Ebel, Concord and other Swiss brands, but also with Hugo Boss, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Scuderia Ferrari, ESQ and other fashion brands signed with their brand launch watch Products, the Group listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: MOV), the current market value of 1.1 billion US dollars, annual sales of about 500 million US dollars. Movado Museum Mr. Gedalio Grinberg, in addition to being a very influential watch businessman around the world, has maintained a very good interaction with the US political and literary circles. He and other famous artists such as Andy Warhol, as well as several presidents from Reagan to Clinton, kept a good personal friend and a patron of the American Ballet Theater. Gerry the Watch Baron In January 2009, Gedalio Grinberg died at the age of 77 years. "New York Times" obituary called "watch tycoon" (Watch Baron), can be described as deserved. The Movado Group, which he left, is currently in his hands by his son, Efraim Grinberg, and is one of the important watch groups active in the world.