Thin movement big heart, three ultra-thin movement watch recommended

On the ultra-thin movement does not have a fixed standard, but according to the brand's technology point of view, to achieve within 3mm automatic movement, 2mm manual movement belongs to this category. Because the movement is very fine structure, starting from the overall consideration, the difficulty is very high, not the general watch factory can be completed. Here to introduce the next three have a super-thin movement watch: Earl Altiplano series G0A35130 watch; Vacheron Constantin history masterpiece series 33155 / 000R-9588 watch; Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Royal Oak Series 26252OR.OO.D092CR.02 Watch. From the top brands of the three major watch shows their ultra-thin movement of the strength and technology. This count of the G0A35130 watch is a classic replica watches uk which is classic, it is adhering to the Earl watch elegant and refined tradition. To noble platinum material, and slim shape design, will be extraordinary refined temperament show most vividly. It is also very simple with the dial, as a men's watch, to show a sense of the atmosphere. It as a classic section of the classic, there is no need to pass too much function to express themselves, so it did not add any special features. As for its performance has a strong support for the movement of Cal.1208P, not only can be reassuring, but also for this watch the artistic value of a lot of color. It is the current reference price of 181000 yuan, the value is not low, but it is indeed value for money, if you want to buy a can greatly enhance their own taste of the watch, then, G0A35130 is your choice. Vacheron Constantin never lacks the classic watch, in addition to the historical masterpiece series, it also has a Malta, art master and so on very outstanding works, and historical masterpiece is representative of the brand history, the series under the watch models are brand development process Of the era of miniature, so worthy of taste. 33155 / 000R-9588 watch to 4961 type watch for the prototype, at the same time using the 1955 launch of the 1003-type manual winding movement, the style of that era through modern technology and artistic interpretation of another interpretation of the historical masterpiece of peerless elegance The It is in addition to simple luxury dial unique, 12 o'clock position logo logo Maltese cross is also the characteristics of the rolex replica watches use of k gold material, through the mirror polished, under the magnifying glass can clearly see this little "gold" is how meticulous. In addition to the appearance of rounded slim, the movement of the thin is how many watchmakers have failed to cross the gap, even if the count specially developed ultra-thin movement of the brand, also introduced a thinner than the manual Movement, although its self-winding movement is commendable. If you have the honor to meet this watch, please carefully appreciate it, so as to fully understand its taste, and it is worth you to the goods. Overall, Audemars Piguet 26252OR.OO.D092CR.02 is a very excellent leisure watch, the classic shape to make it full of fashionable atmosphere, precious metal material has given it the noble qualities, clever dial layout and Let it be filled with the temperament of men. It is also very powerful in terms of function, date display, week display, month display, leap year display and moon phase display, practical features can be said to be readily available, to enhance the grade of the watch at the replica watches same time, you can Watch the owner to bring convenience. And the complexity of the calendar to join the more people can appreciate the charm of the mechanical, and watch watchmakers superb skills. Its performance by the love of the production of Cal.2120 / 2802 movement as a guarantee, you can really reassuring. This watch of the market reference price of 1056000 yuan, can be said to be expensive, but in the face of such a set of appearance, function, performance of a lot of advantages in a watch, the price is value for money. Comprehensive view of this Piaget watch is the world's thinnest automatic movement, only 2.35mm, this movement is the count of self-produced 1208P, is 10 years in the classic 12P, this movement On the small seconds with a display, and is used to engrave the emperor's emblem of the Pearl Tuo, polished also special fine. 180,000 of the price is the cheapest of the three, this is Xiaobian most want to recommend. The second of the Vacheron Constantin is used 1003 movement, with the former is the same as 10 years engraved, but this movement is manually on the chain of only 1.64mm, once again for the Vacheron Constantin watchmaking technology amazing. 18k rose gold material with ultra-thin movement to make it look noble and generous, 270,000 price slightly higher, but also can not stop the watch fans on the pursuit of ultra-thin movement. The final Audemars Piguet is used in the 2120 movement, this automatic movement is only 2.45mm but it is strong over the count of 1208p, in this small movement carrying 355 parts, and also has a Calendar with the moon phase function, these are the first two did not have such a complex and so thin movement shows the love Pei extraordinary craft.