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Architecture is the basis of people's lives, but also a history of the city, it not only has a "peace in the city of tens of millions, shelter the world to make the best of life," the practical value of its vitality lies in the era of a perfect time , Even if the passage of time, the classic building has always stood, for us to leave the time belongs to the silhouette. The classic architecture of human wisdom and the crystallization of creativity, it contains the civilization and culture, they proudly independent posture for us to show this Zhuoqi different, maverick artistic charm, when we are in the monuments of sightseeing, standing in the momentum Majestic building before, they seem so small. When we touch the wall full of mottled traces, we feel the strength of the accumulation of years; when we are in the middle of the glamorous lines, into the heart is from the modern civilization of the shock; Although the building is close at hand , But that beauty can be through the millennium. Watches and clocks are also three-dimensional structure for the ideology of things, so it and the same three-dimensional building has a contrast, they will be able to rolex replica uk support the body of the body hidden inside, but the appearance of showing a different design orientation and aesthetic taste. Building and the integration of watches and clocks, can be said that the two technologies and the carrier of art superposition, whether it is towering standing historical sites to contrast the charm of the watch, or with accurate timepieces to remember these classic buildings, at this time and Space collision, the ticketing of the clock resounded through every corner of the classic building. Gothic Tide with Blancpain Gothic architecture is the 11th century originated in France, 13-15 century popular in Europe, a architectural style, it usually appears in the Catholic Church, the rest of the world's construction area also has a profound impact. The structure of the Gothic architecture consists of the skeleton of the uk replica watches stone, the tall and straight towering walls, and the towering spire. Hugo's masterpiece "Notre Dame de Paris" The story of the Notre Dame de Paris is an outstanding representative of the Gothic architecture. Gothic representative works are Italy Milan Cathedral, the German Cologne Cathedral, and France's largest Amiens Cathedral. Watch era The Amiens Cathedral is located on the banks of the Somme River in Somme, founded in 1220, one of the most beautiful churches in France. Its magnificent Gothic style and the magnificent momentum of the sculpture group make it Marvel, it is called an art hall. 2006 Blancpain launched a new BLANCPAIN WOMEN series of mechanical watches to jewelry inlaid aesthetics and architectural art beautiful collision to open the brand watchmaking history of a new chapter. Watch era 3300A-3728-52B watch as an outstanding representative of this emerging series, it will be the characteristics of women into the Gothic architectural style of art, to the dial on the gorgeous sparkling diamond mosaic map Ami Cathedral sculpture , And the dial, such as the sun-like radiation and the Arabic numerals when the standard, and the Amiens Cathedral arch and the arcade between the decorative pattern of flowers, magnificent eye-catching. 18K rose gold material, white silk band, inlaid with diamonds white plate, and 100 hours dynamic storage of automatic mechanical movement, so that this Gothic ladies watch shrouded more dazzling aura. Classic city and count Watch era Paris, a city famous for its romance and one of the replica rolex watches finest architectural features in the world, is a collection of rich history, modern trends and future trends. The Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame and other iconic buildings, the city's business card, but also reflects the spirit of the city. The Piaget watch has been committed to cultivating the spirit of honor, but also pay great attention to the development of creativity and the pursuit of detail, in the Earl POLO Tourbillon series will be embedded in the GOA33044 Paris watch. Watch era Earl GOA33044 watch design prototype from the Paris Arc de Triomphe as the center of the 12th Avenue and its street name, in the left side of the case carved with Paris Du Leli Garden, Capitol, Grand Palace, Arc de Triomphe and the walls of the castle , Showing the royal style and modern atmosphere from Paris, the right side of the case is sketched out the famous historical landmarks in Paris, the Louvre, the transparent pyramid, the square on the Ferris wheel, the Eiffel Tower and the Seine Mann River And so on. Crown design is quite unique, it is located in the central axis of the Ferris wheel, the above mosaic has a weight of 0.04 karats of diamonds, this design is called the finishing touch of the pen, it modified the watch, also lit Paris. Watch era In modern society, romance and fashion are inseparable, the count not only chose the romantic Paris and fashionable New York, which is full of art, culture and historical atmosphere of the city, where there are countless art associations, And from ancient crafts to frightened art miracles, all kinds of collections everything. As the financial and economic center of the United States, New York's every move in all the way to influence the world, so ushered in the "world capital" reputation, and when its beautiful scenery appears in the count on the GOA33045 watch when still show "The world capital" that charming style. Watch era G0A33045 watch on the dial is decorated with 12 high-rise buildings in New York and their names, while the watch side of the platinum sculpture will be the New York city style panoramic view. The left side of the watch for us to describe the famous New York Manhattan Island and the island on both sides of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge, the tall buildings show New York's modern features, and the two bridges are like Manhattan open wings, New York's takeoff. In the right side of the watch, the view is the free goddess where the free island overlooking the whole city of New York scene, and the flame texture of the crown is directly in the hands of the free goddess of the torch as the source of inspiration, showing the whole of New York and the whole America 's pursuit of freedom. These two classic Piaget watch which also used the Earl's famous floating tourbillon, so that we can enjoy the beauty of the two cities at the same time, but also to enjoy the charm of high-quality watch craftsmanship, called the art of art The